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GeneralĀ Correspondence
Victoria Livestock Show
PO Box 2255
Victoria , TX 77902

Title: General Chair

Name: John Pozzi

Title: Business Chair

Name: Traci Shadle

Title: Assistant General Chair

Name: Gary Loest

Title: Treasurer

Name: Herschel Vansickle

Title: Recording Secretary

Name: Toni Stithem

Title: Operations Chair

Name: Wesley Schmidt

Title: 4-H County Extension Agent

Name: Paige Melton

Title: Advertising Chair

Name: Robin Janecka

Title: Ag Mechanics Chair

Name: Troy Koenig

Title: Auction Chair

Name: Sara & Jeff Perry

Title: Awards Chair

Name: Jackie Parsons

Title: BBQ Cook Off Chair

Name: Heather McBride

Title: Beer Garden/Entertainment Chair

Name: J.R. Perez

Title: Market Lamb Chair

Name: Kevin M. Janak

Title: Bloomington FFA Teacher

Name:Jeremy Rounsavall


Email: [email protected]

Title: Camper Lot Co-chair

Name: Karrie Brandt

Title: Camper Lot Co-chair

Name: Peggy Odem

Title: Carcass Hog Chair

Name: A.J. Buchhorn

Title: Carcass Lamb Chair

Name: Jerry Leita

Title: Carcass Steer Chair

Name: Russell Svetlik

Title: Coloring Contest Chair

Name: Crystal Cantu

Title: Commercial Exhibits Chair

Name: Missy Sappington

Title: Commercial Heifer Chair

Name: Joe Jones

Title: Concession Stand Chair

Name: Toni Stithem

Title: County Fair Chair

Name: Michelle Lassere

Title: Disposition Chair

Name: Farah Janak

Title: Goat Roping Chair

Name: Lacey Rosenquest

Title: Horseshoes and Washers Tourney Chair

Name: Richard Bludau

Title: Industrial FFA teacher

Name: Christie Linke

Title: Industrial FFA Teacher

Name: Tiffany Wells


Email: [email protected]

Title: Judges and Sifters Chair

Name: Gordon Harris


Email: [email protected]

Title: Junior Breeding Gilt Chair

Name: Henry Wood

Title: Junior Heifer Chair

Name: George Hood

Title: Kids Day Chair

Name: Jillean Chreene

Title: Livestock Judging Chair

Name: Paige Melton

Title: Market Broiler Chair

Name: Katherine Schneider

Title: Market Goat Chair

Name: Mike Tater

Title: Market Hog Co-Chair

Name: Jennifer Gordon

Title: Market Hog Co-Chair

Name: Bruce Williams

Title: Market Rabbit Chair

Name: Becky Kuecker

Title: Market Steer Chair

Name: Bob Horton

Title: Mutton Bustin' Chair

Name: Robert Shadle

Title: Parade Chair

Name: Nick Rodriguez

Title: Parking Lot/Admissions Chair (North Street)

Name: Richard Castillo

Title: Parking Passes Chair (Rear Lot)

Name: B.J. Nelson

Title: Pony Chair

Name: Shelley Milberger

Title: Queen Victoria Pageant Director

Name: Sarah Rowlands

Title: Scholarship Chair

Name: Nadine VanBeveren

Title: Security

Name: David Stithem

Title: Sweepstakes Heifer Chair

Name: Susan Hempel

Title: Technology Chair

Name: Kirby Garrett

Title: Victoria East FFA

Name: Charlie Holloway

Title: Victoria East FFA Teacher

Name: Angela VanGundy


Email: [email protected]

Title: Victoria West FFA

Name: Tiffany Wells


Email: ti[email protected]

Title: Victoria West FFA

Name: Scott Meinardus


Email: [email protected]

Title: Victoria West FFA Teacher

Name: Daisy Brooks


Email: [email protected]

Title: Victoria West FFA Teacher

Name: Allison Jerome


Email: [email protected]

Title: Western Games Chair




Title: Weiner Dog Races Chair

Name: Teresa Moorman

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